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Domain Name Service

Domain Name Service (DNS) is the basic "directory assistance" service of the Internet. DNS resolves domain names to the IP address (number) assigned to a specific server (computer) on the Internet.

In order to use our domain name service, you will need to have a static IP address and a server that is running any services that you want to use (web, ftp, e-mail, etc.) The services should be configured to respond to requests for your domain. For example, mail servers will usually reject e-mail addressed to domains that the mail server is not configured to accept mail for.

Managed DNS Features

The following features are included in the Managed DNS service:

  • Wildcard Domain Resolution - by default, all domains are set up as wildcards (i.e. *, so will resolve to the IP address of your server. You will be able to use hostnames like,,, etc. without further configuration. Note that you would need to have the appropriate services (web server, ftp server, etc.) active on your server.

  • MX Record - by default, a single MX record will resolve to the IP address of your server. The MX record tells mail systems where to deliver all e-mail addressed to your domain name. In order to receive e-mail, you would need to have a mail server up and running on your server. You may configure as many MX records as you need.

  • Zone Updates - you may review or update your zone file 24 hours a day via the online management system. Unlimited zone updates include A, CNAME, MX, TXT and SRV records. IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.

How do I start my service?

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