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Website/Domain Forwarding

With Website/domain forwarding, we host your domain name on our servers and forward all requests to your real site anywhere on the Internet. Now you can have a short, easy to remember domain name www.yourdomain.com for your free webspace at your ISP or hosting service, instead of the long URL www.my-isp-name.com/blah/blah/blah/customers/~myname.

E-Mail Forwarding

With E-Mail forwarding, we host your domain name on our servers and forward all mail addressed to anyone@yourdomain.com to your real e-mail address anywhere on the Internet. Now you can have a professional looking e-mail address using your own company or product name. E-Mail Forwarding is completely transparent to your customers!

Forwarding Service Features

The following features are included in the basic forwarding service:

  • Website Forwarding - all web requests to your domain (including subdirectories and individual pages within your site) will be forwarded to any location on the Internet, or if you don't yet have a website we will provide a static "under construction" webpage.

  • Framed Forwarding - when forwarding web requests, you have the choice of using our "Framed Forwarding" feature where your domain name remains in the web browser instead of showing your real website domain name.

  • Wildcard Forwarding - in addition to accessing your website via http://www.yourdomain.com and http://yourdomain.com, you can also use http://anything.you.want.yourdomain.com where "anything.you.want" can be, well, anything you want!

  • Meta Tags - give your forwarding website a custom title, description and keywords for use by Internet search engines, robots, and spiders.

  • E-Mail Forwarding - Unlimited e-mail addresses for your domain. All e-mail addressed to your domain will be forwarded to any Internet mailbox of your choice (this feature is known by many different names: "default", "catch-all", "generic", "wildcard", etc.).

  • Multiple E-Mail Forwarding - In addition to the unlimited catch-all e-mail addresses, your account includes up to 100 unique mail addresses that forward to 100 different Internet mailboxes of your choice. Additional unique mail addresses are also available on request..

  • Unlimited updates - change your website and/or e-mail forwarding as often as you like via the online Account Maintenance System.

How do I start my service?

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