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What if I have trouble transferring my domain?

If Network Solutions is the registrar for your domain name, then read on, otherwise, you will need to contact the registrar of your domain name about their specific policies and procedures. You can find out the registrar of your domain name at

Network Solutions Fax Authorization Procedure

The registrant is the legal owner of the domain and has final say. However, if the registrant/legal owner is not listed as one of the domain contacts, you do not have the easy access to modifying your domain. In this case, Network Solutions provides a fax authorization procedure.

  1. Submit a Modify Request

    submit a modify request with your desired changes to Network Solutions from your own e-mail address. They will in turn reply stating that the request must be submitted by the domain contacts and the domain contacts have been notified of the request. The e-mail you receive from them will include a tracking number.

  2. Fax Authorization Request

    With the tracking number in hand, go to and follow the instructions outlined there.

If you have any questions about Network Solutions procedures, please see their website, or contact them via e-mail at