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Forwarding Service Comparison

Service Name Setup Fee Service Fee E-Mail Forwarding Features Total Cost*
Alldomains.com $39.95 $24.95/year 1 inc. / additional addresses $24.95/yr $249.50/year
DNS Central $20 $19/year 10 unique address plus 1 catch-all address $19/year
Domain Direct $25 $25/year 5 addresses included $25/year
Domain Namereserve $59 (includes 1st year service fee) $28/year 1 inc. / additional addresses $10/year each $118/year
Easy DNS n/a $49.95/year 5 addresses included $49.95/year
ForeverMail Custom Domain $32 $18/year 1 inc. / additional $2/yr each + $28/yr catch-all $64/year
Homestead $49.95 $24.95 Limited to 1 address $24.95/year
NameSecure $25 $24.95/year 1 inc. / additional addresses $5.95/year $78.50/year
QuickDomains $20 $30/year Limited to 1 address $30/year
Register.com / SiteAmerica n/a $50/year $25/year per address $275/year
TZO n/a $99.95/year Limited to 1 address $99.95/year

Total Cost is based on what it would cost to get the same services that DNS Central offers in it's basic $19 a year forwarding service package: web forwarding and mail forwarding to 10 unique e-mail addresses and one catch-all address. Total Cost does not reflect one-time setup fees.

All information listed above is believed to be correct as of the date it was added to the database.

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